Liberal Gun Control Lies Debunked – The Hard Facts


The media, over the past couple of days, has dismissed all arguments that the Right has made against gun control. When the idea of arming teachers came up, the Left completely disregarded it and assumed everyone else should too. The gun control debate as a whole has been thrust into center stage. Here are some facts, so you stay informed.

The first flat out lie you’ll hear is that there have been 18 school shootings in 2018. This is completely untrue; in fact, most of the “school shootings” on that list were either an accidental discharge, gang-related or shots heard near a campus. The way the media and other gun control advocates bend this statistic is mind-boggling. Another thing to consider is that there is no legal definition of the number of victims for a shooting to be classified as a “mass shooting.” This phrase can be used to describe any shooting, which is also why it makes accurate statistics hard to gather.

Liberals have pushed “Gun Free Zones” as a way to stop mass shootings and other firearm-related crimes. In the past, they have not worked in the slightest. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, from the 1950’s through July 10th of 2016, 98.4 percent of mass shootings have occurred on gun-free zones, with just 1.6 percent occurring where citizens are allowed to have firearms with them. This figure alone should debunk the gun control argument, but it’s ignored by the widespread liberal media. Instead of attempting something new, they push their agenda without looking at the cold hard facts. Criminals do not care about laws; this is why they are criminals, they break them. The argument defeats itself, but somehow this magical idea of “if we tell the murderer he’s in a murder-free zone, he won’t kill.” How absurd does that sound?

One suggestion from the Right was to allow teachers to be armed, inside of school property. I don’t see how the media has twisted this into “the Right wants to force teachers to carry weapons in school.” There are so many professors who are licensed CCP holders and are still not allowed to bring a gun on campus. The classic argument against this is “but how can we trust a CCP holder with a gun? What if he goes insane?”. Time for some more facts that conveniently get left out of the nightly news! CCP holders are 1/6th (16%) as likely to be convicted of a misdemeanor or felony than a police officer. They are one of the most (if not the most) law abiding demographic in the US, yet the American people still don’t trust them. We protect our governmental buildings with guns, not gun free zones. Same goes for courthouses, stadiums, and even celebrity houses. Why not our schools? Gun free zones don’t work, and the only thing that discourages an attacker is multiple guns pointed back at them.

The worst thing about this, in my opinion, is how little this gets talked about on national news, and how these facts play no role in the Dem’s thought process. How more clear cut can it be? Next time someone brings up this topic, try to inform them of the facts, and then let people draw their own conclusions. Most people are misinformed and blinded by the mainstream media and push only that one agenda, and it’s our job to fight it.