On Tuesday Night, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) carried out a raid that caught 150 illegal aliens living in the Oakland area. ICE stated that they would have apprehended more illegal aliens if the Mayor of Oakland didn’t tip them off.
Mayor Libby Schaaf sent out an alert on her Twitter page about the ICE raids going on in the area. Mayor Schaaf also declared her city as a sanctuary city (a city where no illegal immigrants would be deported by local law enforcement). The only problem here is that sanctuary cities don’t exist under federal law, letting ICE have full jurisdiction no matter what the mayor declares. The mayor sent out a tweet on Tuesday, with this attached warning.

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The mayor, when questioned about the incident said that it was her “duty and moral obligation as Mayor to give those families fair warning when that threat appears imminent.” You have a mayor, who is sworn in under the US federal government, calling a US federal law enforcement agency “a threat.” I don’t particularly understand how this could be left alone by the government, as well as how little mainstream coverage it’s been getting. This mayor broke the law and would be, in a courtroom, found as an accessory to a crime. If you still don’t get it, look at it this way. If a Republican mayor tipped off a group of illegal gun owners and told them that the FBI was coming, would he not be helping criminals? I guarantee you he would be arrested and prosecuted. How does Mayor Schaaf have the ability to get off scot-free? It’s honestly absurd!

This thrusts the entire “sanctuary city” topic into center stage. Under federal law, illegal immigrants are breaking the law by illegally living in the United States. Are these states not explicitly violating federal law by allowing them? The situation has largely increased in severity, so much that I’ve seen classes on how to avoid ICE at government-run hospitals and in town halls. The Left has been picking and choosing laws that they want to follow. Think of it this way, how many articles, government repercussions, and overall public outcry would there be if the NRA held classes on how to legally own a gun, and hide it from the government? This blatant double standard shouldn’t be allowed to stand, but yet it still exists, which makes it one of the most significant problems in the US today.